Starting an Online Business

Internet or online business is a business run or manage using the internet. The business may entail outsourcing of services, marketing your own or other people’s products, retailing, creating unique information based website for educational purposes and so on. Creating a profitable online business often requires that your build a functional website that promotes your business and services, by registering yourself on certain relevant websites or forums you may advertise your presence and service and eventually locates clients from other links on the internet.


Select Your Campaign

1. Identify your niche. Have you any information/ideas that others will benefit from?.

2. Select keywords to be used on your site and cross check the demand for your keywords online using various keyword tools available.

3. Make use of Google keyword tools to check for the relevant keyword supply most website are built around relevant keywords.

4. Ascertain the profitability of your keywords based on Demand /Supply formula.

5. Research and investigate what information/items people are looking to access or buy online by going to different forums, Google Trends, and and places like and look at their top sellers or articles. Look out for interesting niches and do more research. Research what and why people buy and look for those things online.

6. Reasons for your research is to determine the interest of your customer and come up with an ideal business idea other than just starting a formal business.

7. Establishing what you can easily offer people online and what business you can successfully run and make money out of is the first step in running a successful online business. After been able to determine this, you will need to come up with a plan for the execution of your business idea. You can begin by engaging a web designer to create your website for you or you can create your own website if you are capable of doing so or take a tutorial in “how to create an online business”.

8. Build a list of keywords, insert a beautiful theme, plan your pages, insert a nice picture or image to portray your business. Learn how to create a website that is fully optimized to get noticed by the search engine.

9. You will need a HOSTING company to host your website and a domain name which is the actual name of your website; it must be relevant to your content. I would recommend; they’ve got a very simple interface and have competent customer services that are ready to assist you should you have any difficulties with your site. Again, your domain name must be relevant to the content of your site and will determined finding best keywords that describe your business or information  There are lot of sites out there that can teach you how to build an online business.

10. To get the website found by the search engines, you will need to learn about the SEO and how to execute it and drive traffic to your site. It is very simple to master but require lots of learning and time. There will be need to getting backlinks and creating relevant content based article on keyword research you have planned out.


Create an Online Presence

1. Create a rich content website using relevant keywords which over delivers to the user that you are targeting. Remember a typical Internet user is looking for information and not sales talk. Therefore use your content to show them your expertise in your niche. Create your content in such a way that your user stays comfortably and browses through your website instead of hitting the ‘back’ button. If well created they will always come back to your site again. Simplify your write up to just how you talk for the most part. Convey to your visitor through your content and pre-sell to them the product you want to sell – information/product/your offline business etc. Pre-selling using relevant and appropriate content builds confidence in your visitors.

2. Monetize your website. Use Google AdSense and/or clickbank, click2sell, Amazon on your site to monetize. Do follow some easy to implement tips given by Google for posting AdSense ads on your website, that will make you money. Look for affiliate programs that are relevant with your business topic and promote them to your readers.

Fund your Business

1. If you are to take payments then you have to provide your customers with a wide array of payment options e.g. PayPal, e-wallet, credit card and bank transfers.

2. You may use article marketing to start promoting affiliate products without having a website of your own to promote your business. This can be an online business in itself.


Find a business system that has been proven successful. A thing that needs to be ironed out for your online business is your billing service. While there are businesses that may bill their clients directly after a contract has been agreed upon and signed and these bills are paid for through checks that are deposited into the service provider’s bank account, there are some clients who require a certain online billing system for them to pay for the services they have contracted. You may need to register with a billing system like PayPal for your online business to make billing and payment easier and less of a hassle to you and your clients. Building an online business may be easy or hard, depending on whether you did your research well and implement them appropriately before you began. You will make serious money out of an online business if you take the necessary steps and do not miss out on some of the essentials that are needed for an online business to succeed.


Be careful of website hosting company that do not handhold you through the process of building an e-commerce website. Be aware that it is a business and you are out to succeed, don’t be discourage by your failure learn from it and learn from the success of others.

Be willing and eager to learn.

Beware never give out money to anyone to show you how to make money, most time they are fraudsters.

Be very prudent.

PayPal is limited as a payment processor because when people use their debit/credit cards through them they lose the ability to get refunds directly.

Requirements for Your Online Business

Website with a domain name that you can acquire from a website hosting service.

Relevant content.

Good tutorial/training system to follow with step by step details. It is much more appropriate to outsource when you are beginning to start an internet business if you’ve got the money. This will insure that you have experts handling the work for you instead of you trying to figure it all out and making mistakes which might end up been very costly.

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